Pure Fibre. Infinite Fun.

Uncapped. Unshaped. Unthrottled. Never worry about how much data you use.

Fiber deals starting from R499 Per month depending on the FNO in your area.

Why Use Fiber for home and business use

Fibre will cowl abundant bigger distances while not vital signal loss and down time. This ends up in higher speed and reliable Ness and reduces the quantity of power required to transmit knowledge.

Fiber to the house (FTTH), conjointly known as fiber to the premises (FTTP), is that the installation and use of glass fiber from a central purpose on to individual …

Fibre is more Robust

No alternative physical delivery medium will match the sheer resilience of fiber-optics. This owes to the materials want to create fiber cables—thin strands of glass—and the approach within which fiber-optic knowledge is transmitted—pulses of sunshine. The “fiber” in “fiber-optics” refers to those skinny strands, that area unit slightly larger in diameter than a personality’s hair. This helps create fiber-optic cables lightweight and hard. as compared, the copper wiring employed in alternative delivery mediums is downright large.

Our Solutions

Stay connected to email & social media platforms with a web affiliation that keeps up together with your weekly screentime. These offerings area unit our most efficient – don’t obtain information you’ll ne’er use!

Download speeds that won’t disrupt your series binge-watch! Streaming needs additional information and these offerings embody enough to support multiple devices. For on-line diversion and education on tap!

When offline isn’t associate possibility, our office offerings enable wonderful connections at prime speeds for video calls, emails, file transfers, and cloud computing. For once on-line time is money!

These offerings square measure everything! Multiple users streaming information at an equivalent time? No drawback. large file uploads and dealing directly onto cloud platforms like Dropbox or Google Docs? Done. Video calls all day. Keep chatting. Life on Mars? We’re engaged on it…

Business Fibre

Our Business net Fibre provides high-speed net access to businesses, whether you’re a tiny low start-up or an outsized enterprise with higher information measure necessities. once you get a fibre service with North American nation, we tend to offer you the pliability to settle on from a variety of uncrowned offerings from 10Mbps to 100Mbps currently with NO truthful Usage Policy (monthly limitations) the plans have choices of dynamic or static information processing addresses similarly as asymmetrical and symmetrical bandwidths.

Choose From a variety Of uncrowned Business or home net choices With Speeds Of Up To 10Gbps. once we promise ninety nine.9% network time period, we all know we are able to deliver thereon. T’s & C’s apply.

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